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The possibilities of branding

A brand so iconic that people want to tattoo it. Do you know that Disney is the most popular brand tattoo in the world? The tattoos range from Mickey Mouse to a variety of princesses. Cult brands like Harley Davidson and Nike also have a spot in the top five most brand tattoos.

The possibilities of branding

A sentence in an old booklet published by Johnson & Johnson states this - "Our company's name and trademark are by far our most valuable assets".

So how are brands built? They are not built by advertising. They are not built by sponsorships. Great brands are built by values. These set of values create an indomitable experience. These set of experiences create wonderful stories. And over a period in time - you will build a strong brand. I have worked for cult brands like Audi. I have been a stakeholder in shaping brand experiences across formats like digital, retail and events.

I have come to the conclusion that brand building works very differently in "low trust" Asian societies like India. The Asian hierarchy of needs are very different from that of the Western model. Experts who have taken a attempt at cracking the Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs in the Asian context - have often placed "status" at the top of the pyramid. In the Western model of Maslow, "self actualisation" is at the top. A lot of successful, traditional Indian businesses like Reliance and Tata do not necessarily make a brand film to communicate to their audience. But they will do a lot of charitable work to earn goodwill. Thus, building a brand looks very different in the western world when compared to the east. There is no one sure shot formula to build a successful brand. But there are many tiny steps that can take you towards building a great brand. If you own a business and want to build a brand, I am happy to help!

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