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A to Z of marketing problems
I can solve for


How do I go about advertising?


How do I build awareness about my product or service?

Brand building

How to build a brand?


How to choose which Customer Relationship Management is best for you? Or do you even need one?


If you are a niche business, how do you build a community?


How is design playing a crucial role in your customer touchpoints?


Are you weaving emotions into your e-commerce?

Founder Brand

Are you waiting for funding to build your founder brand?

Growth Marketing

Do you have a growth marketing framework that can sustain your business through harsh winters?

Hypothesis, experiments and tests

How do you develop a hypothesis for your marketing campaigns? Do you create experiments and conduct tests?

Ideal customer profile

When was the last time you spoke to your customers? I will be happy to speak to 100 customers of your business.

Journey Mapping

Are your teams enabled to map the journeys of your customers? Or even employees?

Knowledge management

How is marketing knowledge captured, generated, stored and distributed in your organisation?

Lifecycle based marketing

Are you communicating with your customers across various stages of their lifecycles?

Marketing Audit

If you think your team or agencies are not delivering - a marketing audit will help you understand the gaps, problems and possibilities.


Net Promoter Score is a sure shot way of measuring customer satisfaction. Are you doing it?

Online Reputation Management

How can ORM result in increased customer satisfaction?

Performance based Marketing

What processes have you set to be two steps ahead in performance based marketing? When do you stop burning cash or at what point do you start burning cash?

Quality controls

Quality is rarely thought of when it comes to the Marketing function. How do you measure for quality? And what do you measure?


Have you thought of building a referral engine for your product or service?


I love Salesforce and I am a champion at integrating various departments to your Salesforce CRM suite!


Is there a seamless way to capture customer testimonials for your brand? Why won't you do that?

UX and UI

How do you plan for user experience and interface? And once you have planned - how do you implement, measure and improvise?

Value based selling

Is your sales team still selling basis discount pricing? Why won't you shift to value based selling?

Word of mouth

The only thing that works in marketing is WOM. But then how do you measure it? Or generate word of mouth?

Yearly marketing plans

Annual Operating plans or Yearly plans are a good way to stay on track. But then do you have a plan B and a plan C?

Zero Cost Marketing

How to develop a Zero cost marketing plan and make it actually work?

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